Ralph's Joy of Living Lease to Own Program - No Credit Required

Ralph's Joy of Living lease to own program requires no credit score, approves over 90% of applicants, offers generous approval amounts and provides a flexible payment schedule for customers. You select the products you want or need and Ralph's Joy of Living leasing partner, TEMPOE, purchases them for you. After making your first payment you can take the merchandise home or have it delivered. After 4* more payments your minimum term expires and you can choose between buying out of the lease, continuing to lease, or returning the merchandise to TEMPOE.

*If you select bi-weekly payments the minimum term requires 9 more payments.

Some of the Benefits of Ralph's Joy of Living Lease to Own Program:

  • No Credit Score Required
  • Over 90% Approved in Seconds
  • Generous Approval Amounts
  • Flexible Payment Schedule